High Performance . Environmental. Social Responsible

Handmade bamboo bike frames

Simple Bikes proudly present our handmade bamboo bike frames. High performance, ISO certified safe for consumer and environmental friendly. Frames are custom made for any type of bikers of all age and sizes.

Tonkin Bamboo

Also known as “Iron Bamboo,” this special breed of bamboo is very symmetrical and unusually straight. It has a very high tensile strength and is a high performing shock absorber. Each piece is carefully selected and hand-cut.

Carbon Fiber

We have created a new technique of bamboo joint construction, employing the uncontested strength of carbon fiber. We found the perfect balance of strength and flexibility using a combination of natural materials and new technology.

Hemp Fiber

Hemp is one of the earliest natural fibers to have been used by ancient civilizations. Each strand is carefully wrapped by our bike craftsmen, giving every frame a unique fingerprint. Hemp highlights the original bamboo color perfectly.

City Bikes

A range of bamboo bicycles for zooming around the city. Easy to ride and beautifully designed. Ride to work, run your errands and enjoy your simple workout with class today.

For you, for extra comfort.

Tailor-made frame

At Simple Bikes, we want you to ride away a bike that you are proud to own it. Riding a bike that is tailored to your height and limbs dimensions greatly increase the comfort, performance and safety. Upon purchasing a bike, we will specially request for your height and limb’s dimensions.


Customized & Professional Bikes

Contesting in the ironman triathlon or biking cross country races? We have your performance boosted, with our lightweight, custom selected, high shock absorbent, fatigue reduction bamboo bicycles for your next race. Win your race with us today!